The Next President of The United States of America

Commander In Chief
Have you ever wondered how to become the President of the United States?

Today you would be very astonished at the process as played out in the media, compared to some of this countries earlier elections. Most people do not know the process (see the chart). Also, a popular vote is really of little value it seems. I think we should put in office who the people want and not an Electoral. Now that is just one opinion. Follow me please. I love this country and its processes for the most part, but when you have so lack of Truth and Integrity, it makes me wonder how our Lord Jesus feels about it. There was a time when we were theocratically correct, rather than politically correct. The word Political in itself is the problem. Why do we not see the great statesmen as of our past and see now the persons who can downgrade another. I believe our God (Jesus) would be disappointed and is with our actions today with the world in the shape it is in. I tell you He (God) will speak and is speaking. Lets pray for AMERICA, she is hurting and is in need of great leadership.

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