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In April 2016 we will begin a new series for the community. This will consist of Singing, Testimony and fellowship. We will have different Genre of Music from Southern to Country to Bluegrass to Contemporary and Praise & Worship. The first night will give you an example of how we will go about this service and what to expect from church to church. We will receive an offering to bless the church with an outreach effort. Everyone is welcome and I know you will enjoy this great time together. Stay tuned to this blog and www.360communityseries.org for more information.


How To Keep Your Kid Busy This Summer

How To Keep Your Kid Busy This Summer


Parents, Youth  Leaders & Community Leaders,

Now is the time to put plans in place to occupy our young people when they are out of school for the summer. There are many camps, church day camps, sports and craft activities that could help keep them with something to do this summer. I would suggest you find a christian camp. This was the one thing in my life that seemed to save my life from the temptations and devices that could have destroyed me. Even when we think we have a strong will to resist, all are subject to fall. If we help, they can see their way around an obstacle and still see it at the same time. This is especially helpful when they stay home under a computer and maybe worse and it takes their minds to the wrong path.

You can follow this NC Camp Guide