Restoring Every Step To A Right Timing

When I here the words "Restoring Every Step To A Right Timing" I think of where a person starts in the right place but gets off track and goes in the wrong direction. Sometimes when we do this, the enemy of our soul would like to keep us off track and not focused on our God Planned Assignment. When we are off track, nothing feels right to us, nothing fits or works out it seems. You get in a place of unhappiness and a feeling of being lost. Many times it is drug or alcohol experimentation that takes us there. Other times it is selfishness, a so called friend or even a relationship that can direct us in the wrong path. 
A few years ago God showed me and spoke to me about this very subject. He said these people are still in His plan, but simply need redirection by the Spirit. I began to pray about this and then I wrote the manual for RESTART ("Restoring Every Step To A Right Timing"). RESTART is a program where I invite those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to begin life new and find the true path God intended. In this program, I spend a lot of time encouraging, and showing the steps to get back to where the person needs to be. I spend a lot of mentorship time one on one in phone calls, meals and sit down conversations to see where the individual is and where he feels he should be and where he felt he got off track. After many weeks , months and yes some have been years, I began to see the results of all the time investment that was given.
Right Timing is so important in our lives today. We can't sit around and be selfish and no know that God put us here for a purpose. Our biggest challenge is to find our purpose. RESTART is in place to help them do just that. Pray for the post souls of the world who just need some time with the right direction to get back on track and server the Lord Jesus Christ, listening to the Holy Spirit daily to know where to go from here. God Bless You today!

Dean Dixon (PD)

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