on the road to your destiny

There are many obstacles on the road to your destiny. When walking into the direction the Holy Spirit has given, He has made a way of escape from the curves, potholes, diversions on the road to your destination. Many times when we are following the Holy Spirit, we may not know the end from the beginning, but we know the leader will not lead us to the wrong place. When we are searching for Gods purpose for our life, it is the Road To Destiny that clearly takes us to His plan and purpose. Again, knowing the voice of the Lord by speaking to Him and then listening is the key to being in our purpose and finding the plan. Many times we flounder around wondering what God wants us to do, but never speak to Him to find out what the next step is. When direction is given, no matter what you see on the road, "Just Follow The Yellow Brick Road" so to speak. We must trust the Holy Spirit to lead and guide. We must know that if we just do what he said, even if you do not feel anything, stay on the course and destiny will slap you in the face. Our God is consistent and will be there right on time. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Let stay the course and see what He has for us!
Dean Dixon (PD)

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