A "Move of God"

 an improvement in the condition or strength of something.
an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again.
I have had the opportunity to participate in many revival services.
The experience was different at each one. The one thing I found different from one to the next, is that some were just planned services and other were spontaneous moves of God that created scheduled services and the Holy Spirit hovered around these services seemingly each night. The pre-planned services were good but not life-changing and did not seem to improve the condition or strength of the people, nor did the atmosphere become more than a shout or feel good. I have been in "Moves Of God" that changed my life and the lives of many for years. It is the kind of service you reflect on year after year. One common denominator of these "Moves Of God" is the organization (Church), is usually having regular prayer times going on, to seek God about a move in the community and the church.  Regular intercession helps to move the Holy Spirit to come and change people and cause them to redirect their mindset and actions in serving the Lord. The services I attended where a speaker was invited for a "Revival Service" was good, but really become a evangelistic service to reach the lost only. This is great, but it is not revival unless people are revived and brought back to a place of right mindset and ready for action in the work of the Lord. Let's make it our priority today to see a spontaneous "Move Of God" in our regular services to see change take place in our churches.
Dean Dixon (PD)

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